Friday, 2 November 2007


Find out more about Developing Vision & Style on the website. You can preview sample pages and submit your own contribution to the vision and style debate.

Thursday, 25 October 2007


Great news. We have taken delivery of the bulk shipment of our hardback edition of Developing Vision & Style.

This coming week will see copies being sent out to all those who took part in the project.

We are taking credit card orders by phone: +44 (0) 208 455 2476. For those wishing to purchase a book on-line, the Developing Vision & Style website and its Paypal facility will be activated at the beginning of November.

Friday, 21 September 2007


I've just had confirmation that the advance copies will be arriving any day soon and that bulk copies will arrive, as planned, towards the end of October. If you submitted work for possible inclusion in the book then your copy will be despatched towards the end of October. For those wanting to purchase a copy, there will be a Developing Vision & Style website with a Paypal ordering facility, or you will be able to place an order by phone with a credit card. Details of the website to follow shortly.

As for Working the Light, we will be offering a Limited Edition, signed, numbered and slipcased edition of Developing Vision and Style. Although the Collector's Edition of Working the Light (with an original print) was a great success, it has not been decided yet whether we do the same for DV&S. If you have strong views on this, please do let me know.

Tuesday, 4 September 2007


The printers have just confirmed the delivery date of the book. We will get a few advanced copies, for publicity purposes, air-freighted around 20th September. The bulk shipment will arrive towards the end of October. Contributors' copies will be posted out straight afterwards.

Friday, 17 August 2007


Now that the second proofs have been passed, I've been organising the return of material to those of you who took part. I hope to have the bulk of your images despatched by tomorrow before I leave for a two-week break. I'm back on September 3rd if you need to contact me.


The second proofs came back from the printers looking great, so the files have been passed and the book should be on press very soon. But first we have to sign off a set of plotter proofs – folded and gathered sections, so we can check that the pages are in the right order.

After that the book will go to press and they will be shipped back at the end of the September, arriving in October. A few advance copies will be air-freighted over for us to check before the bulk of them are despatched. There's always a lot of checking to do with books – it seems their success lies in the detail as much as it does in the pictures they contain!

Friday, 27 July 2007


We've just had the first set of proofs back from the printer. Generally they look very good, but as expected of a book with many differing styles of images, made with different camera formats, there were some images that needed a little tweeking. We can expect the second (and final proofs, we hope!) the week beginning August 6th.

For those of you patiently waiting for the return of your original images, can you hold on until then. Ideally, we need them to colour check the proofs. Thanks so much for your patience.

The book is still on schedule for publication in October and Argentum have already received sizeable advance orders for the softback version. Can't be bad!

Tuesday, 3 July 2007


We'll be able to return submitted transparencies immediately after we have checked pictures against the wet proofs. The proofs should be with us in a a couple of weeks from now. Also, we'll be returning those images submitted for possible cover usage. If you need your pictures before then, please get in touch with me.


Here is a list of those selected for inclusion in the book. Many thanks to everyone who submitted work:

, Chris; Andronis, Christos; Aubertin, Guy; Baker, Nigel; Baldwin, Angela; Barkway, Julian; Barnes, Andrew; Brittle, Wayne; Brock, Jon; Brown, Michael James; Brown, Quentin; Brown, Ross; Chester, Colby; Childs, Richard; Cobley, Tony; Coffey, Hazel; Cox, James Michael; Covington, Greg; Creber, Roger; Douglas, Pat; Foster, Mel; Gallagher, Paul; Garbert, Peter; Gray, Steve; Griffiths, Michela; Halliwell, Nigel; Harrison, Simon; Heath, Rupert; Hollister, Adrian; Holroyd, Roger; Horrocks, Jonathan; Isakova, Nadia; Karry, Peter; Kerr, James; Kroes, Janneke; Kuzminski, Tamara; Laker, Ian; Latham, Andy; Lewis, Sean; Longdin, Roger; Mann, Phil; Marsch, Paul; McFarlane, Mike; McLaren, Nick; Parker, Julian; Pascal-Willis, Eli; Pierzchala, Adam; Popinet, Sylvestre; Reed, Alan; Stacey, Ian; Sunderland, Mark; Urry, Keith; Wilgen, Frans R.van.